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Prenatal Massage

Benefits of Prenatal Massage


Massage Therapy: Healing for your whole body


Do you know since past few decades prenatal massage is the top most therapeutic choice for prenatal care? As the body of every pregnant woman goes through various sudden changes, so it needs special kind of care. The recurrent changes in the body can cause common troubles of varied nature like joints pain, swellings, headaches, backaches, cramps, etc. Prenatal massage is wonderfully beneficial for all these and many other types of discomforts related with pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and suffer from arthritis or any other common aches related to pregnancy, massage therapist in Toronto can turn this hell into heaven for you. For the residents of Toronto it’s a wonderful opportunity. However, in order to make a choice you must know there are so many interesting health benefits of prenatal massage and you are going to know most of them here:

  • Most of the women experience mood swings of acute nature during pregnancy, since their hormonal levels fluctuate abruptly. They feel cranky and sometimes depressed. Prenatal massage quite excellently helps relieve emotional stress and makes her feel calm.
  • The common discomforts of pregnancy increase physical and emotional stress. This condition puts pressure on immune system and affects its efficiency. Prenatal massage effectively increases the blood circulation, which helps carry important nutrients to the body of mother and fetus. It also flushes out toxins from the body and keeps the immune system efficient.
  • As baby grows inside womb, the shape of the body changes drastically. This new body shape affects body postures and thus, puts extra pressure on various body parts. This kind of pressure results in aches of joints, back, neck, shoulders and other body parts. Prenatal massage is a good answer to all these body aches. It helps relieve muscle and joint tensions. Also, swellings and cramps can be eased by using this therapeutic technique.
  • Many pregnant ladies face troubles like lack of calm sleep at night. There could be so many reasons behind this problem but the most common one is hormonal changes. Prenatal massage has therapeutic power to soothe the nervous system through healthy blood flow. It helps in the release of hormone called “endorphin”, which wonderfully helps the mother- to- be get deep and calm sleep at night.
  • Pregnant women gain lots of weight as a result of pregnancy and it stretches their skin and changes body tone. In order to bear this increased weight, the skin and muscles of the expectant mother must be flexible. The prenatal massage increases the muscle tone and keeps the skin pliable. This ensures less stretch marks and a more toned body structure after the delivery.
  • Digestive problems are quite common among pregnant women. The causes can be various ranging from changes in hormones to pressure placed on digestive system due to pregnancy. Prenatal massage has the quality to improve digestion in pregnancy. It helps increase the blood flow and produces elasticity in the organs of digestive system, thus ensures good digestion each day.

These and many other benefits of prenatal massage almost always outnumber its risks. So prenatal massage is a great therapeutic way to comfort the expectant mother and nourish her unborn child. Don’t settle for a painful experience throughout your pregnancy, opt for prenatal care in massage therapy Toronto and embrace the pleasure of being a mother!

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