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A Little Story about
Pacific Wellness

The Pacific Wellness Institute is one of North America’s leading providers of alternative medicine and treatments located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

We opened our modest acupuncture and Oriental medicine clinic on Yorkville Ave. in 1990. Over the many years, we have been serving our clients from downtown Toronto neighborhoods and from out of town. We have been successfully treating a wide range of health issues ranging from chronic pain, sports injuriesmigraine, and fertility concerns.

The word traveled fast about good results. Our practice has rapidly grown without heavy promotional efforts and quickly became a premier destination for acupuncture, shiatsu, massage therapy and other alternative treatments. Our practice moved to a spacious 3600 SQF office at 80 Bloor Street West in 1994.

Increasingly, many family doctors, physiotherapists, fertility specialists, chiropractors, naturopath, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals have been referring their patients to our clinic.

Our success is credited to our gifted practitioners and remarkable staff who have worked for us for so many years and provided excellent care for our clients.

Of course, our success is thanks to many of our patients who have placed great confidence and trust in us and who have been telling people they care about to come and experience our therapeutic services.

Thank you!

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Team Toronto

“As natural medicine becomes embraced by Canadians and is increasingly integrated into the fabric of modern medicine, this growing accessibility also means that it becomes more difficult to find qualified therapists in Toronto. With your health in the hands of The Pacific Wellness Institute, you can be assured that each member of our professional team is a hand-picked qualified professional who has met the following criteria:”

  • Completed extensive training in each professional field
  • Updated with state of the art techniques
  • Keeps good hygiene and ethics
  • Caring personality
  • Dedicated to total health

In the Media

The Pacific Wellness Institute has been prominently featured in the media with articles of support in major newspapers & magazines, and with television appearances on CBS and City TV Toronto.

The Pacific Wellness Institute is glowingly endorsed in the March 1999 issue of Alternative Medicine Magazine, as one of the “ideal clinics” in North America.

The Pacific Wellness Media Appearances:

Magazines/Newspapers: Toronto Star (Sports Injuries), Eye for the Future (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), Varsity (Office Stress), Alternative Medicine Magazine (Reversing Weight Gain, Hip Pain, and High-Stress Headaches)

Television: CBS (Special Series: Quit Smoking), Portuguese and Greek community networks, (CH 47 – Multicultural TV), City TV (Eye on Toronto, Breakfast Television), Women’s Television Network


Mon – Fri — 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday — 9:00am – 4:30pm
Sunday — Closed

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