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Kampo Herbal Medicine


Kampō (or Kanpō) is a traditional Japanese therapeutic system, the bulk of which is derived from China that came to Japan in the 5th and 6th centuries. Over the years, the Japanese have created unique diagnosis methods, herbal formulas, and therapeutic approaches based on classical Chinese medicine.

The term Kampo (or Kanpo) is translated from 2 characters: “kan” representing the Han (Chinese) dynasty and “po” meaning method. From this, Kampo literally means “the method of the Han Dynasty.” Therefore, Kampo includes most of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modalities including acupuncture, moxibustion, dietary therapy, and herbal medicine.

Nyoshinsam – Goddess Powder

An appropriate herbal formula is prescribed based on a determination of each individual’s unique constitutional pattern(s), based on traditional East Asian diagnosis.

The traditional constitutional pattern diagnosis is far different from Western diagnosis. Patients with the same disease can reflect a different pattern and be prescribed different herbal prescriptions. Conversely, the same formulas may be used on patients with different diseases, if they reflect the same pattern.

Here at the Pacific Wellness, we prescribe high-quality herbs that are verified for authenticity via advanced laboratory equipment. Pesticide, heavy metal, fungus, mold and bacteria tests are performed to ensure purity and safety.  Herbal formulas are typically available in the form of granules or tablets.

Kampo – Traditional East Asian medicine herbal formulas are available for our acupuncture patients.  For more information about Kampo herbal medicine, please visit our sister site at:

How to get started:

If you are an active acupuncture patient, please submit two forms to get started:

Kampo Constitutional Evaluation Form (this questionnaire contains about 150 questions regarding your health)
3-days diet form (Use PWI acupuncture form. Just fill in your name and diet sections)

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