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Chiropractic Care
for Stress Relief

It’s a common misconception that stress only affects the functions of the brain. The reality, though, is that it affects overall physical, psychological and emotional health. Stress from our busy lifestyles has become the norm/normalized. While the benefits of chiropractic care to treat chronic body pain are widely known, not many sufferers are aware of chiropractic’s ability to relieve stress.

Effects of Stress

Eating disorders, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and bowel problems are not the only possible effects of stress. Muscle tension and contraction is one of the most common effects that stress has on the human body. Increased muscle tension is a physiological effect of stress that disrupts the bony structures of the body, resulting in the misalignment of the spine and joints of the body. These abnormal changes irritate nerve cells, which then lead to unbearable conditions like upper and lower back pain, neck pain, migraines, and even increased blood sugar levels.

A licensed chiropractor specialist can help to repair misalignments of the spine and joints, enhance blood circulation, reduce pressure to nerve cells, and eliminate muscle tension. Chiropractic helps the body to shut down the “flight or fight response” and begin self-healing, leading to a more relaxed and balanced state of being.

The goal of chiropractic care is to relive the effects of stress, such as muscle tension, and give the body the opportunity it needs to undergo self-healing.


Chiropractic and Stress

A healthy spine is important in handling stress from day to day activates. Chiropractic professionals work mainly with the spinal section of the body, the base of nervous system through which electronic impulses from the brain are relayed to body organs. Regardless of the underlying cause for stress, the effects will be evident on the nervous system. The nervous system regulates, organizes and manages all bodily processes.

The skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and the reproductive system relies on the nervous system to function at optimal level. Hence the most effective way to resolve ailments is to pay close attention to the nervous system and this is what a chiropractor specialist does.

On your visit to a chiropractic service provider in Toronto, you may be asked a few questions to determine the cause of your stress before treatment, then generally in the form of spinal manipulation, is administered. To help patients overcome stress, chiropractors can also recommend a number of relaxation techniques and nutritional supplements, like vitamin B, which can help the body to handle stress. Of course these won’t make a tedious job easier or change your financial situation. The duties of the chiropractor is to help you reduce the effects of stress and the toll it takes on your body.


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