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Stress Management and Anxiety Treatment

Stress and Anxiety Clinic Toronto

*The exact treatment approach will vary depending on each individual’s situation.

In this age and society, we cannot avoid stress. Rather than only focusing on avoiding stress, it is important to address our innate capabilities to recover efficiently from a stress response.  For example, whenever we need to perform a physical or mental task our nervous systems should be accelerated (sympathetic mode) and then promptly slow down when the task is over (parasympathetic mode).  In general, the sympathetic system should be more dominant during the day for activities and the parasympathetic system should become dominant at night for restful sleep.  Having proper shifts of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (according to the day/night rhythm) is very important for our health.

Acupuncture and Sound Assisted Autonomic Modulation Technique is the integration of the heart rate variability biofeedback based breathing exercise, along with our special acupuncture technique targeted to stimulate the autonomic nervous system.  Over the years of using this approach at The Pacific Wellness Institute, we have observed profound effects on varieties of stress related conditions and disorders.

Our stress management treatment program can be highly useful as standalone or complementary treatment for many cases of anxiety and sleeping disorders. It has also been successfully used for reducing emotional symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and hormonal imbalance.

Anxiety, Sleep and Stress Management Treatment at Our Toronto Acupuncture Clinic


  • Health and Stress Evaluation Session – includes review of health history, Traditional East Asian Medicine examinations, and overview of our specialized treatment with a large screen presentation.
  • Acupuncture Traditional acupuncture treatment applied on specific acupuncture points located on both front and back part of the body.
  • Moxibustion – Comfortable heat is applied to selected acupuncture points. Indirect moxa increases local blood flow and induces a deep relaxation response.
  • HRV Biofeedback Breathing Therapy – A patient’s respiration is gently guided to most desirable rhythm to optimize autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  • Acupressure Massage – Selected acupoints are stimulated utilizing heat generating natural herbal cream to stimulate circulation and enhance relaxation.
  • Kampo Herbal Medicine (optional)


Not all acupuncture procedures produce the same effects or benefits: Currently, acupuncture is performed by not only professionally trained acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners but also by a variety of practitioners such as physiotherapists, naturopaths, or chiropractors. It should be noted that even among qualified acupuncturists, the techniques used vary greatly according to each one’s training background in acupuncture.

The acupuncture system used at The Pacific Wellness Institute is an individual based holistic approach that is designed to address both physical and emotional health.

Our clinic is located at 80 Bloor Street West, Suite 1100 (At the corner of Bay and Bloor Street in Toronto).  If you are interested in receiving treatments, please follow New Patient Application procedures or please call us at 416-929-6958.

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