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FAQ Acupuncture

Frequent Asked Questions 
by Toronto Acupuncturist

In which part of my body do you put the acupuncture needles?

The exact location of the needles varies between each individual, however, in general, needling points are chosen on the entire body regardless of your health condition and the location of your symptoms. The acupuncture system at The Pacific Wellness Institute is a holistic treatment system rather than temporal symptomatic remedy.  We consider your symptoms to be a manifestation of your body’s disharmony.   Some of the commonly utilized body balancing points are located on the forearms, legs, back and abdomen.

What else is involved in the acupuncture treatment session?

Acupuncturists at The Pacific Wellness Institute may incorporate application of heat or ice, electrical stimulation, massage/acupressure, application of therapeutic cream, and breathing exercise during treatment.  Nutritional supplements may be suggested.  Lifestyle education such as dietary changes and home exercises may be suggested to compliment your care.

How long is each treatment?

Although the treatment usually lasts about 40 minutes, please be prepared to spend an hour in our facility.

When should I not receive acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be done safely and effectively under most circumstances.   However, if you have a high fever or are experiencing any acute or unusual symptoms, you are advised to consult your medical doctor or local emergency department first.  If you are having a cold or other infectious disease that may spread to other clients, we advise you not to come to the treatment.  Please call us prior to your appointment if you have any concerns.

Besides improvement of my symptoms, what other responses should I expect following acupuncture?

Most patients feel very relaxed and refreshed after the treatment.  You may also feel slightly drowsy, light-headed, or temporarily less focused.  This is usually associated with a deep relaxation response from the treatment. These sensations should pass shortly after the treatment.  Some individuals may experience fatigue, dull aches or emotional reactions during or after the treatment.  In some cases, symptoms may relapse or intensify temporarily during the course of treatment before relief is attained.  These temporary reactions are usually positive signs indicating that one’s body is in the process of healing and re-balancing.

It is important to note that many symptoms, especially those in chronic illness, typically fluctuate from day to day from various influences such as stress, food, weather, etc.  Any negative or positive changes which occur following the treatment may or may not be directly associated with the treatment itself.  You are encouraged to communicate with the acupuncturists concerning any physical and emotional changes.

Forty acupuncture needles can easily fit inside the opening of an 18-gauge hypodermic needle.

Can you tell me about your policy on late arrival and cancellation?

We respect our patient’s time and we are almost always on schedule.  Please understand that if you arrive late, your treatment will be shortened accordingly, to respect the time of our next patient.  Please refer to our policy on late arrival and cancellation for details.  It is a good idea to always try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you have enough time to settle yourself prior to the treatment in our relaxing and entertaining waiting lounge.

What about taking herbs or supplements?

Nutritional/herbal supplementation may be recommended.  These can provide a tremendous synergistic effect with acupuncture.

Do you have further information specific to my health conditions?

If you are seeking acupuncture treatment in our Toronto acupuncture clinic for the following conditions, please be sure to read the following pages:

If you have fertility concerns:

If you are suffering from pain:

If you are suffering from migraine headache:

I live very far away. Do you have any other location?

We only have one location at 80 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Because of our reputation and the quality of acupuncture service we offer, many of our patients are not from our neighborhood, but in fact, come from very far.  Whatever the reason, if it is difficult for you to come to our clinic in Toronto, you are most welcome to see a practitioner in your local area.  Here are some resources and tips to find an acupuncturist in your area.

What else is necessary besides the treatment itself?

You will be in the treatment room for approximately forty minutes to an hour.  How you spend the other 23 hours of the day also influences your recovery and therefore, requires some attention.  You might be advised to do or not to do certain exercises, apply heat or ice packs, and/or in some cases, altering your occupational and recreational activities may be necessary.

What should or shouldn’t I do the day of the acupuncture treatment?

It is not recommended to have a treatment with an empty or full stomach.  In addition, alcohol and vigorous exercise is not recommended on the day of the treatment.  You should also avoid caffeine and hot baths shortly after the treatment.

When will I notice improvement of my condition and how often do I need to come for acupuncture?

Your response to the treatment varies according to the nature of the condition and your physical constitution.  Required number of visits and frequency of treatment is dependent upon the nature and severity of your condition.  I will assess your condition and recommend a treatment schedule that I feel is most effective based on my clinical experience.  It is important that you follow the schedule in order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome in the most efficient manner.  Everyone understands the importance of following one’s doctor’s recommendations in terms of dosage, frequency, and duration of prescribed medication in order to obtain the expected benefits.  Acupuncture is no exception in this regard and the difference between success and failure often depends upon the patient’s compliance to treatment recommendations.


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