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Weight Control and Body Shaping Program

Weight and Body Shaping Clinic Toronto


Weight control protocols and any additional treatment approaches are dependent upon your health condition, nutritional status, body composition and intended goals. We will discuss your needs and goals in order to recommend the most suitable approach based on the information you provide during our consultation.

Being overweight can be affected by variety of factors, such as over-eating, cravings for certain foods, metabolic problems, hormonal imbalances, and/or genetic issues. It is important that we fully understand your underlying health issues.

During the initial appointment, your acupuncturist will:

  • Interview you about your health history
  • Conduct assessments, as needed (i.e. tongue observation, orthopedic testing, palpation of pulse and abdomen, etc.)
  • Determine if you would likely benefit from the program
  • Explain about how the treatment will be conducted in general, and present an initial treatment plan
  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • Confirm if you are committed to make changes in your lifestyle and habits

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)
After the consultation we will schedule you for your 1st BIA to determine your Body Composition (estimate of fat, muscle and fluid balances). The 2nd BIA will be done at the end of the 2-month program.


Our Japanese acupuncture involves local and systemic needling.  It is designed to enhance the blood flow, encourage fluid exchange, and optimize internal organic function, all of which have a positive impact on achieving a healthy body and weight.  For individuals who are having difficulty controlling their hunger and cravings, additional silver ear pallets may be utilized.

Here is more information about our acupuncture treatment:


A strict dietary guideline rarely works for most people. We do however provide a general guideline on what to eat or what not to eat based on nutrition science and traditional Eastern dietary teachings.

  • UltraMeal Supplement: You will be taking pre-digested protein based UltraMeal as a replacement for your breakfast and for a snack between meals.  You will eat lunch and dinner based on the guideline provided.
  • Herbal Medicine: It will be provided based on your constitutional patterns to correct your underlying imbalances.  We do not prescribe metabolic enhancing herbs, which generally cause more imbalances.  For more information about the Kampo herbal medicine concept please visit:


Breathing training in a specific rhythm has been shown to improve the functioning of autonomic nervous system (nerves that control internal organ function and are also associated with thermo regulation).  This approach is utilized during acupuncture sessions and you will be asked to practice at home and at the office. The specially designed training CD will be provided with printed instructions.

Initial 8 week  Program


  • Consultation and Assessment
  • 2 BIA Tests, Analysis and Reports
  • Review of General and Kampo Questionnaires
  • 6 Acupuncture Sessions
  • Biofeedback based Breathing Instructions and Review
  • 8 week supply of UltraMeal with booklet
  • Herbal Medicine (appropriate dosage and duration)
  • Breathing Training CD with Instructions

* Exact content of the program may slightly vary depending on each individual’s situation.

Follow-up program


  • 1 BIA Test, Analysis, and Report
  • 2 Acupuncture Sessions
  • 4 week supply of UltraMeal with booklet
  • Herbal Medicine (appropriate dosage and duration)

* Exact content of the program may slightly vary depending on each individual’s situation.

How to get started

Please submit the General Questionnaire and Kampo Constitutional Evaluation Form.  After reviewing your information, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

Secure Online Form Pages:

* Please Note: Our program may not be suitable for certain individuals.  We may not be able to accept individuals with certain underlying illnesses, and/or severe obesity cases (e.g., over 40 body mass index).  If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to call us before submitting any forms at 416-929-6958


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