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Welcome 2020 Message:  Wishing you The Best Ever Year Ahead

Welcome 2020 Message: Wishing you The Best Ever Year Ahead

In 2020 there is no way of going back to not knowing. 

The human consciousness has reached a sufficient level not to choose pain and suffering.  As we are entering a new decade of more knowledge, wisdom, and light, we have faith and trust that regardless of how the external world is struggling with mess and chaos, we are on the right path. 

More discoveries, more magic, and more wonderment are ahead of us.  More clarity in our intentions, more creativity and joy are in store for us.  We wish you a blissful and healthy New Year and a fantastic decade of unbelievable changes.

The elimination diet:

Remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame, and worry.

Then watch your health and life, improve

Charles F. Glassman


How to Most Effectively Manage your Insurance Benefits?

If your employee benefits are renewed early this year, it is a good idea to explore all available options to you.  You can access your online account with your insurance provider, and check under paramedical benefits which treatment modalities are covered under your plan.  The following types of practitioners are frequently covered:

Massage Therapist





Schedule your appointments in advance to book the times you need and to avoid the rush at the end of the year. If you wish to have as many treatments as possible within your insurance coverage, you can consider our discounted treatment packages that we offer for certain modalities.  For more details check with our front desk assistants.


How to Take Advantage of Our Online Booking and Instant Pay System?

Thanks to our new online booking system, you can bypass line ups at the front desk.

In addition to having the convenience of booking and modifying your appointments, you can also take care of your payments.  Whenever you need to pay a co-payment for your insurance claim, want to buy a package or gift card or simply want to pay the treatment fee, we can charge your credit card on file and email you the receipt.

How to Register:

You can register your credit card information if the system is asking you to do so when booking your appointment. If not, you can ask our front desk assistant to help you over the phone or in person.

How do you store my credit card information?

We do not store your credit card information in our database — neither the Jane Appointment Scheduling System where you input your credit card information. The Jane system uses the Stripe in a backend to process payments. Stripe, as you probably heard of, is a widely known PCI Complaint online payment processing company, used by major brands such as Amazon, Expedia, Uber, and Nasdaq.

Here is more information:

2018 – Time to Align with Life Essence

2018 – Time to Align with Life Essence

You are a dream and a dreamer.  You are an artist who weaves life patterns on the vast tapestry of this planet.

May your intentions be guided by your highest consciousness and be harmoniously aligned with the highest version of yours.

May you be reminded each morning that you are everything you need.  May each day of the New Year provide you with an opportunity to practice courage, forgiveness and vulnerability.



Trees have lost their leaves and revealed their dramatic shapes of curled branches pointing to the gray skies.

Squirrels are looking for edibles among rusty leaves on the ground and the sun prefers to hide behind the clouds.  The chilling wind is making it hard to believe the world is still beautiful.  How can you see any beauty in such misery and emptiness? How can your body deny the fatigue and stop emotions from floating down the spiral of sadness?  “What are my choices?” You are asking this question while looking up to heaven and waiting for answers.

The universe has responded:  “Remain in purity.  If you wish, you can dress it up with Christmas glitter and lights.  You can fill yourself with sweets, caffeine and alcohol.  You can put on a pretty face and costume and you can pretend you are on holiday for life.  And how long will this last?” The universe suddenly throws a question.  You come up with a quick answer:  “Until the holidays are over.  Then detox and back to reality.”  “Do you know anything better than this?”  You are shooting another question.  “Remain in purity” is a persistent answer.

“Remain in your essence. Your essence is made of energy, energy turns into light with the help of love.  Light crystallizes and becomes matter.  And voila, here you are.  Wrapped up in the matter, you, pure loving energy and light.  With one thought you can sparkle like diamond dust and emanate the joy of creation.  You are what you create. You are all knowing and all inclusive.  You are complete.  You are everlasting and constant.  You are eternal peace and harmony.  You are all aware and all knowing.  You are timeless and you can disguise yourself in many forms of creativity and choose to play in billions of dimensions.  You can play with your creations in any way you like and you will always be you.  In the end you always return to your essence.”

Your mind is catching up and agreeing with your heart.  “ If I am complete, I am missing nothing. If I am all knowing, I do not fear because nothing is unknown.  If I am timeless, I never cease to be.  I only play differently each time I want to explore a different way of being,  so, I think differently and see differently whenever I choose to create something different”.  Although trees have lost their leaves, their naked shapes turn into marvelous sculptures, squirrels gracefully nibble on their edible finds, the skies turn from gray to silver and the sun lights an empty spot between the clouds.  And did I mention the wind?  It turned into a soothing breath.


Wonderful, Magical, Yoga

Wonderful, Magical, Yoga

By Rahel Kay RMT, CR, CYI

My name is Rahel. I am a Massage Therapist here at The Pacific Wellness Institute.

Recently I became a Yoga instructor because Yoga is a field that I have been passionate about since adolescence. Studying to do so was an incredible journey that I will never forget. Yoga is so much more than just the postures (Asanas) that one might practice at a studio, gym or with a video. Yoga is a philosophy. It is a meditation, a healing art, and a lesson in breathing. It is said that if you are not breathing with focus and awareness (Pranayama) during the Yoga practice, you are actually just stretching. How often does one breathe deeply, continuously for at least an hour? Imagine the possibilities related to doing so. In Yoga practice, breath is directed to certain parts of the body depending on the position you are in. On a philosophical level, Prana (or breath) is thought of as an ethereal energy source that flows through all beings.

Yoga originated thousands of years ago in India, and some have speculated that it was being practiced as far back as the time of the Indus Valley. It is interesting to note that the original one was not allowed to practice the postures, or exercise component until he had completed at least 10 years of philosophical study. In this instance I’d like to emphasize the ‘he’; because in fact, until only recently, women were not allowed to practice Yoga. Ironically, and especially in Western culture, the majority of people now practicing are women.

Yoga, as a general practice, has proven it’s staying power on this planet and it’s not hard to see why…

When I first began studying to be a teacher, all the students went around in a circle to talk about how, as well as why, each had come to be in that class. How had we come to this point in our lives where we wanted to have a deeper understanding of Yoga? I was amazed to discover that more than HALF the class had fallen in love with Yoga after it helped them recover from an injury, health condition or even emotional pain. Car and sports-related injuries, arthritis, cancer, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder were just a few of the examples given. Whatever the reason, a common understanding was evident among the students: that breathing deeply, giving oxygen and stretch to your organs, goes a long way in the healing process. This is only one of the many benefits of Yoga – remembering that adequate oxygen supply to the tissue is crucial for healing.

Resultant through Yoga, and also crucial for healing, is relaxation. Relaxation is our power to reduce stress; thereby enabling the body, mind, and the whole being to be balanced and to thrive. It is generally estimated that between 70-80% of disease is related to stress. Reducing stress seems to be a useful priority. Relaxing during a Yoga practice is the meditation component. Usually included in the practice immediately before and also following, meditation is a mostly silent introspective component that is done in either a comfortable seated position or lying down. It can be an excellent method of heightening awareness, relaxing the nervous system, slowing the heart rate, and calming the mind.

Something interesting that I learned during my studies, is how similar all the benefits of yoga are to those of massage therapy. Whether being in a relaxed state on a massage table or in a deep stretching yoga posture, both are equally encouraging of introspection and body awareness. The more aware we are in regards to our body, the more we tend to care for it before it needs to become serious health issues. As in yoga, relaxation and deep breathing during massage therapy help to slow the heart rate, and increase oxygen in the body. Again, oxygen helps our bodies heal. Both massage and yoga also encourage healthy circulation. This stimulates the vital organs to maintain homeostasis or balance in the body. Overall yoga, much like a massage, helps in healing from health conditions and injuries.

Even if I had thousands of pages to fill, I could not fully describe the depth and beauty of Yoga. It is experiential and open to everyone. There are many different forms available to explore including but not limited to “Hatha”, a more creative and sometimes gentle type; “Ashtanga”, a more methodical, rhythmic and intense type; “Bikram”, a type practiced in an extremely heated room to encourage sweating and detoxification as well as gaining more length during stretching; and “Kundalini”, a more spiritually focused type which often includes chanting. I sincerely encourage you to look into this incredible, ancient, healing art form.

Namaste (The light within me, salutes the light within you)

Rahel Kay is a registered massage therapist and certified reflexologist at The Pacific Wellness Institute.