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Anma Massage Shiatsu Book

Anma Massage Shiatsu Book

Efficacy of Anma, Massage, Shiatsu: Comprehensive Review of Touch Therapy Research


Anma, Massage, Shiatsu no Kouka(Efficacy of Anma, Massage, Shiatsu: Comprehensive Review of Touch Therapy Research, An Illustrated Basic Protocol of Anma, Massage, and Shiatsu), Ishiyaku Publishers, Tokyo, Japan, March 2006 (In Japanese)

This textbook is designed to be used as one of the main texts in registered massage and shiatsu schools in Japan.  It includes whole body illustrations to demonstrate proper practitioner stance/positioning.  Such illustrations are useful in demonstrating how to apply pressure properly for an effective treatment and to avoid unnecessary injury or strain for the therapist.  The last two chapters are devoted to current evidence of touch therapy efficacy.  This book is currently in the process of being translated into other languages.

Contents (translated from Japanese)

Introduction to Anma, Massage, and Shiatsu Therapy (Mori, H. and Donoyama, N.)

I. Anma, Massage, Shiatsu Procedures

  • Anma Techniques (Ueda, S. and Mori, H.)
  • Oil Massage Techniques (Eiichi Taniwaki)
  • Shiatsu Techniques (Kinoshita, M.)

II. Historical Perspective: Introduction of Western Style Massage in Japan (Noguchi, E.)

III. Effect of Anma, Massage and Shiatsu Therapy: Current Status of Touch Therapy Research (Tanaka, H. and Mori, H.)

  • Effects on Skin and Intramuscular Circulation
  • Effects on Muscle Fatigue, Pain, and Function
  • Effects on Autonomic Nervous System
  • Effects on Immune Function
  • Effects on Endocrine System
  • Future of Touch Therapy Research

IV. Physiological Mechanisms of Touch Therapy: Focusing on Autonomic Reflexes (Ohsawa, H.)

  • Somato-Viceral Reflexes
  • Effects of Somatosensory Stimulation on Autonomic Functions
  • Axon Reflex
  • Viceral-Viceral Reflex


“T H Tanaka – Efficacy of Anma, Massage, Shiatsu:
Comprehensive Review of Touch Therapy Research”


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