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By Dr. Andrew Adamski, Toronto Chiropractor

Back pain is often frustrating and mystifying. Your back may suddenly “break down” for no apparent reason. A quick twist, tying a shoelace; even just sneezing may result in severe and debilitating back pain

Obviously these articles by themselves do not cause the problems, otherwise, it would have happened thousands of times before. Back pain in such instances is caused usually by an accumulation of stresses over a long period of time. The insignificant body action being performed when the pain occurs is usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This is where the apparent mystery of back pain unfolds. Because the body is such a magnificent piece of equipment it will compensate for problems by the recruitment of other muscle groups. Eventually, the body can no longer compensate for these cumulative stresses and pain results. So it is what you do on a daily basis over a period of years that determines to a great extent whether you will or will not experience back pain.

The spinal disease accounts for a very small percentage of back problems approximately 10 % so cumulative biomechanical stresses are the major cause of back problems. Minimizing the daily biomechanical stresses to your back is essential if you are to stay pain-free.

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