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Trees have lost their leaves and revealed their dramatic shapes of curled branches pointing to the gray skies.

Squirrels are looking for edibles among rusty leaves on the ground and the sun prefers to hide behind the clouds.  The chilling wind is making it hard to believe the world is still beautiful.  How can you see any beauty in such misery and emptiness? How can your body deny the fatigue and stop emotions from floating down the spiral of sadness?  “What are my choices?” You are asking this question while looking up to heaven and waiting for answers.

The universe has responded:  “Remain in purity.  If you wish, you can dress it up with Christmas glitter and lights.  You can fill yourself with sweets, caffeine and alcohol.  You can put on a pretty face and costume and you can pretend you are on holiday for life.  And how long will this last?” The universe suddenly throws a question.  You come up with a quick answer:  “Until the holidays are over.  Then detox and back to reality.”  “Do you know anything better than this?”  You are shooting another question.  “Remain in purity” is a persistent answer.

“Remain in your essence. Your essence is made of energy, energy turns into light with the help of love.  Light crystallizes and becomes matter.  And voila, here you are.  Wrapped up in the matter, you, pure loving energy and light.  With one thought you can sparkle like diamond dust and emanate the joy of creation.  You are what you create. You are all knowing and all inclusive.  You are complete.  You are everlasting and constant.  You are eternal peace and harmony.  You are all aware and all knowing.  You are timeless and you can disguise yourself in many forms of creativity and choose to play in billions of dimensions.  You can play with your creations in any way you like and you will always be you.  In the end you always return to your essence.”

Your mind is catching up and agreeing with your heart.  “ If I am complete, I am missing nothing. If I am all knowing, I do not fear because nothing is unknown.  If I am timeless, I never cease to be.  I only play differently each time I want to explore a different way of being,  so, I think differently and see differently whenever I choose to create something different”.  Although trees have lost their leaves, their naked shapes turn into marvelous sculptures, squirrels gracefully nibble on their edible finds, the skies turn from gray to silver and the sun lights an empty spot between the clouds.  And did I mention the wind?  It turned into a soothing breath.