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By Tony Ho-Tong, RMT

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the warmer months! As we all remember, winter threw us a few storms to end the season. Some of us were even lucky enough to shovel our way out of our homes – some unexpected exercise! Now, along with the increase in temperature outside, also comes increased (and more pleasant) outdoor activities. With the eagerness of getting our lawn and garden started, we may have tried to cram to clean and prep for the upcoming season. Others enjoy attending festivals or participating in recreational sports and activities. This, in conjunction with “spring cleaning” for our house and working at our regular jobs, we may have put our bodies through much toil and sweat. Whatever activity you choose, take into consideration not to over-extend yourself and end up feeling more tired afterward. The time we take for ourselves should help with the rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul.

Here are some things to keep in mind with whatever you are doing this summer:

Always keep yourself HYDRATED. This point can never be over-emphasized. As the weather warms up, the body will start to perspire more. This is obvious through general sweating, but we also lose moisture each time we exhale. Being hydrated will also help rid us of toxins within our body and replace minerals and nutrients used by our cells (assuming we are mobile and have a reasonable diet).

STRETCH after vigorous and/or prolonged activities. As we keep on using the same muscle or group of muscles, they may become “shortened” or “tightened”. I’m sure all of us have experienced the ‘achiness’ of muscles after some activities. Most of the time, it’s a symptom of toxin built up. Stretching can help the muscle/muscles to relax. This will increase the range of motion and blood flow to the region. Increased blood flow, will bring in nutrients and minerals as well as get rid of toxins and by-products.

Most importantly, ENJOY the season and your health. General health is a combination of physical and mental attributes. Don’t be afraid to try different treatments or modalities. The Pacific Wellness Institute offers massage therapy, shiatsu massage, naturopathic medicine, reflexology, and acupuncture. You never know, something or someone may surprise you!

Tony Ho-Tong, RMT holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McMaster University and completed the Registered Massage Therapy program at the Canadian College of Hydrotherapy. To arrange a therapeutic massage session with Tony, call the Pacific Wellness Institute at 416-929-6958.