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Welcome 2020 Message:  Wishing you The Best Ever Year Ahead

Welcome 2020 Message: Wishing you The Best Ever Year Ahead

In 2020 there is no way of going back to not knowing. 

The human consciousness has reached a sufficient level not to choose pain and suffering.  As we are entering a new decade of more knowledge, wisdom, and light, we have faith and trust that regardless of how the external world is struggling with mess and chaos, we are on the right path. 

More discoveries, more magic, and more wonderment are ahead of us.  More clarity in our intentions, more creativity and joy are in store for us.  We wish you a blissful and healthy New Year and a fantastic decade of unbelievable changes.

The elimination diet:

Remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame, and worry.

Then watch your health and life, improve

Charles F. Glassman


How to Most Effectively Manage your Insurance Benefits?

If your employee benefits are renewed early this year, it is a good idea to explore all available options to you.  You can access your online account with your insurance provider, and check under paramedical benefits which treatment modalities are covered under your plan.  The following types of practitioners are frequently covered:

Massage Therapist





Schedule your appointments in advance to book the times you need and to avoid the rush at the end of the year. If you wish to have as many treatments as possible within your insurance coverage, you can consider our discounted treatment packages that we offer for certain modalities.  For more details check with our front desk assistants.


How to Take Advantage of Our Online Booking and Instant Pay System?

Thanks to our new online booking system, you can bypass line ups at the front desk.

In addition to having the convenience of booking and modifying your appointments, you can also take care of your payments.  Whenever you need to pay a co-payment for your insurance claim, want to buy a package or gift card or simply want to pay the treatment fee, we can charge your credit card on file and email you the receipt.

How to Register:

You can register your credit card information if the system is asking you to do so when booking your appointment. If not, you can ask our front desk assistant to help you over the phone or in person.

How do you store my credit card information?

We do not store your credit card information in our database — neither the Jane Appointment Scheduling System where you input your credit card information. The Jane system uses the Stripe in a backend to process payments. Stripe, as you probably heard of, is a widely known PCI Complaint online payment processing company, used by major brands such as Amazon, Expedia, Uber, and Nasdaq.

Here is more information:

Goals for the January Pressure Cooker

Goals for the January Pressure Cooker

By Dr. Jenny Jun, ND

While we are as much the author of our lives in May or November, there is something about January that lights the grill of our motivation.

In sessions with clients, we often discuss the relationship with self and what it means to live in an “inside out” world—your external world as a reflection of your internal one. Realizing this can disarm blame towards others and encourage us to reframe our reality in a way that puts us in charge. For example, if you’re finding yourself in repetitive and unpleasant situations, perhaps it’s time to consider that it isn’t so much that “people suck” but that you are placing yourself in these familiar situations out of an unaddressed, chronic self-appraisal.

We put pressure on ourselves to exercise and lose weight when we haven’t reliably done so for years or take on a Keto diet after having had muffins for lunch. These aspirations can only be short-lived and exacerbate self-deprecating conclusions of failure.So here’s my advice:

do something REALLY SMALL, but do it consistently.

The key is consistency. It doesn’t matter how magnanimous the goal is, but to do one thing, e.g. taking ONE flight of stairs, daily, over the course of an entire year, will develop stability and calm where it never existed before. Consistency begets more consistency.

No need to push yourself to drink 3L of water per day when your previous water intake hasn’t been much more than catching snowflakes with your tongue. Nourish yourself with a small cup of liquid as soon as you feel the thirst signal turn on.

No need to go vegan or Keto. Eat how you normally do, just be sure that you fill a quota of one full-serving of leafy green vegetables daily. Take the stairs all the way to your 20th-floor apartment once, every Sunday. Do 5 push-ups daily, for a year. It can be anything but setting yourself up for disappointment. Set yourself up for reality in 2020.

Start small and let it build naturally. Add ONE small routine to your current (and unique) operation this year and master it. Remember: If there was only one way, there would only be one person.


Dr. Jenny Jun ND provides nutritional consulting and naturopathic medicine services at Pacific Wellness and is available for appointments.  If you would like to improve your lifestyle or address certain health concerns please call us at 416-929-6958 or book your appointment online to arrange your initial appointment.  The naturopathic appointments are covered by most employee benefits.

Holiday Season 2019

Holiday Season 2019

There is no magic in order, so why do you work so hard to clean up your world?

Let it snow and let it be.  There is a speck of hidden beauty everywhere around you that you overlook most of the time.  So why not take the time?  Despite the pressure to get everything ready in time for the holidays and stressing out about deadlines, why not pause for a moment and appreciate the hidden beauty of the holiday season?  The end of the year is the season of gratitude and reflection.  This holiday season we wish you a bounty of solitude and little moments with yourself.  May the magic find you and reflect the beauty of your heart.  This is the time to appreciate You.


Have You Tried Our New Online Booking System?

For your convenience, we recently introduced a new online booking system.

With our online booking system, you can manage your appointment schedule and yes, you can also manage your payments.

Just ask our front desk assistant to register your credit card in our secure booking system.  Every time you come for a treatment and need to pay, we can charge your account and email you the necessary receipt for your online insurance claim.  This way you do not need to line up and wait at the front desk.

If you have family members coming for appointments and you want to pay for their treatments, your credit card can be linked to their account.  These arrangements can help make everyone’s visit go smoothly.


Insurance Tips for the End of 2019

How to Fully Benefit from Your Insurance Benefits?

If your policy year is the same as the calendar year, there is no time left for postponing.  You can still creatively make the most out of your benefits by considering the following suggestions:

If you have a mobile application with your insurance company go to the coverage information and check under Paramedical Benefits if you are covered for the following practitioners:

Massage Therapist





If you do, check the eligibility (confirm that medical prescription requirement is not mentioned) and check the coverage amount.

Go to our online booking system and book your appointments.


Some Details You Need to Know:

Regarding Osteopathy:  The following insurance companies will cover the osteopathic treatment if included in the policy:

Great-West Life
Green Shield Canada
Manulife Financial
Sun Life
Desjardins Insurance
Cowan Insurance Group
Chambers of Commerce

If your coverage is with Industrial Alliance or Blue Cross, you may not be eligible for coverage.

Please be aware that direct billing is not available for this type of service, however the cost can be reimbursed upon submitting your receipts online.  If you are new to this service, take an advantage of the discount and use your benefits just in time before the benefits expire at the end of the year.



One Hour Massage Gift Certificate

Buy 3 and Get 1 Free
Some conditions apply.  Please inquire for details.
Offer ends on December 24, 2019.

Holiday Rules

Holiday Rules

By: Dr. Jenny Jun, ND

Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Toronto

We all know that once the bowl of leftover Hallowe’en candy at the front reception dries out, holiday themes will advance at full steam. Holt Renfrew was on it the second October ended. Yes, holidays are a time to both look forward to and dread for endless reasons. It’s an increasingly emotional two months unless you are a Vipassana meditator, in which case you will be equanimous and immune to frenzy.

I want to remind everyone that passive restriction can often lead to unintended binging. So let’s enforce some strategies that could delay some of those rapid, impulsive actions when colleagues start dishing out cute holiday-shaped cookies and other sugar-molded shapes.

1. ONE. This number is your friend. Make a non-negotiable decision to participate in one (not two or four) of each treat available.
2. PICK. Two days. Two cheat days, per week where you indulge in whatever is being offered (outside of your brown bag). Feel free to play it by ear and cash in when it’s worth it.
3. WALK. It off. Let’s take the stairs over the next two months. Walk an extra stop; walk the full way to work.
4. STOP. Pay attention to when you justify indulging in that pain au chocolat because it’s been a rough week and you “deserve it”. Maybe it was a rough week just so you could use it to rationalize some later, less proud decision. How can you know for certain? In any case, it’s not a good reason. As Deepak once said: What are you REALLY hungry for? Best to figure it out. Avoidance exacerbates anxiety.
5. DRINK. A full glass of water before what could be admission into a mealtime extravaganza. If you eat slowly and chew thoroughly, this will give the body time to release satiety factors and signal to your brain that you’re full. Your digestive system also appreciates it when your mouth doesn’t offload its work down the line.
6. RESPECT. Ever ask yourself why there is a need to achieve dietary inebriation? Ask yourself. Whether it originated from culture or habit, it goes without saying that feeling satisfied serves you best, physically and emotionally.

It can be a very challenging time of year, not just because of colorful chocolate calendars, but also because of the usual end-of-year deadlines, get-togethers, familial events, and extra spending. Just know that we are all under stress at this time of year so being kind to each other, especially ourselves, goes far. This doesn’t mean taking on extra work than we’d like (no-no) or getting seconds on cruel treatment, but knowing that how people act isn’t personal. We’re all preoccupied with things we wish to resolve (consciously or subconsciously) and it often comes out in fun/interesting ways.

One of the things I started to do over ten years ago (rather than a New Years’ resolution), was generate a list of the top ten things I accomplished/was glad to experience/learn that year. Once done, if you review several years prior, it shows a clear picture of where you’re headed. It’s a nice reminder.

So stand tall, fix your office posture and know that you’re doing the best you can. And that this holiday season, you will aim to be just a little bit kinder to yourself than last. Sláinte.

Low Back Pain and Osteopathy

Low Back Pain and Osteopathy

By: Menashe Rakhamimov, Manual Osteopath

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions affecting adults today.

In fact, approximately 80% of all adults will have some low back issues in their lifetime (1).  Low back pain is also one of the most common reasons people visit their physicians. It is estimated that low back pain related medical costs range from $6-$12 billion every year (2). Many people work at their desk for long hours dealing with lifting injuries or just being inactive, and will have their low backs face a lot of unwanted stress.  How does low back pain start? How can it be avoided? And what is the best treatment? These are the questions we will address in this article. I am a Manual Osteopath who works directly with low back conditions and we will go through how you can manage your low back pain with Osteopathic treatments.

Osteopathy is essentially a gentle form of manual therapy that mainly addresses musculoskeletal conditions is one of the most common conditions people come in for treatment and there are many reasons why this problem arises.

Low back pain is increasingly on the rise with adults in the present. Since the low back area is the body’s center of gravity it is quite clear why much of our daily stresses take a toll on the low back. Firstly, desk jobs are a huge culprit for low back pain. Sitting at a chair for 8 hours a day means you are putting most of the pressure of your upper body right on the low back discs in the spine. Maintaining a poor sitting position at work consistently will aggravate the disc spaces in the vertebrae since you are maintaining a constant pressure right on those discs. Besides the discs, the muscles slowly weaken and lose their stability if they are stuck in a poor position. The first step when I see patients for osteopathic treatment is addressing the amount of time they maintain a poor sitting position. It is more of an issue when your body maintains one specific position for hours on end without moving as opposed to finding the best position to stay in.

In Osteopathy, daily movement is a big factor when it comes to treating chronic issues. We address how much time of the day patients lack movement and we go through certain movement exercises patients can incorporate into a routine as they go through each workday. The next step is strengthening those muscles that support the low back once there is significant progress with how much pain the patient experiences. If patients feel there is less pain after a number of treatments they can ease into certain therapeutic exercises provided by the Manual Osteopath. With these exercises, there would be more natural support in the low back even if they were to continue to put stress on it in the long-term.

Another major cause is lifting a heavy load or lifting incorrectly. Similar to poor posture taking a toll on the discs and muscles. Lifting a load that is too heavy compresses the disc beyond the point they need to be compressed and can lead to herniation or strained muscles. In Osteopathy we educate the patient about the correct posture they need to maintain if they are required to lift things. It is, of course, better to avoid lifting heavy at all if you already have a history of low back injuries. Low back pain can involve different physiological factors that can come up with certain activities or movements. Even if you have a history of low back issues in the past, pain or twinge can randomly come up in the day during some awkward movement or lift that you may not notice. Once a low back issue or injury comes up, it is more likely for it to arise again if the person doesn’t take into account the correct steps to maintain and prevent the problem.

During the osteopathic treatment, the majority of the time will involve the Manual Osteopath going through various techniques. The primary goal in osteopathy is to restore mobility and essentially get to the root of the issue. In Osteopathy we involve joint mobilization to help restore the space around each joint and free up that deep restriction you may have in the back. The next part of treatment is muscular which involves stretching work and soft tissue work. This will improve the range of motion and help prevent further injury and strain on the back. Joint mobilization and stretching techniques are repeated and held numerous times throughout the treatment and many patients experience significant relief even after their first session. The last step is therapeutic exercises which will involve taking the muscles through some sort of resistance. It is mainly with resistance work that helps build the muscle strength is built since you are putting the muscle through some form of challenge.

This is the brief layout of the osteopathic approach to low back pain. It requires the correct sequence of addressing poor posture while sitting, lifting mechanics and going through a thorough treatment. It is up to the patients who are dealing with low back pain to make sure they tackle one of the most important contributors to low back pain, physical inactivity. If you are consistently inactive you are not giving your muscles a chance to strengthen and improve in supporting your body through day-to-day activities. The original expression “If you don’t use it, you lose it” couldn’t apply more to low back issues. If you are constantly stuck in the same position then, go home and lie down day in and day out you will not actively engage your muscles for the long term and they will slowly wear away. The Manual Osteopath will make sure you keep up with the correct strengthening exercises so your muscles stay strong on a long-term basis. In Osteopathy we deal with low back pain by bringing attention to all these points and finding the correct order of techniques and treatment style that is most appropriate for each patient.


Bone and Joint Canada. Low Back Pain. 2014. Available at:  Accessed on October 26, 2018.

Canadian Chiropractic Association. Canada’s Low Back Pain Epidemic. 2018. Available at: Accessed October 26, 2018.

Are you a candidate for osteopathy?  If you would like to try this treatment, book your initial 60-minute osteopathy session and receive a $20 discount.  This offer expires on December 31, 2019.